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NABC Highlights

Orlando NABC - Fall 2010

The Goren Trophy

by Peggy Kaplan

Steve Garner did not add yet another national title to his resume. He did, however, get awfully close to one more skin. Read more/View photos...

A Student of the Game

by Peggy Kaplan

The Reisinger. Of all the events on the NABC calendar, the Reisinger is the ultimate. Played in board-a-match format against the elite of the elite, the competition is brutal. Almost every round, a multi-national champ or a world title holder prepares to crush you. The wrong bid can be fatal; every trick is crucial. The field is small. Outside of the world’s best, few are willing to enter such an arena.

Some, however, want to face the toughest out there. Let me introduce you to one Bill Gates. Read more...

Riding The Bus

The Vero Beach (FL) Bridge Center sponsored the Strati Flighted Swiss Teams on the second Sunday of the Orlando NABC. The event was named after their club, so players from Vero Beach decided to go play. More than 60 signed up for the 78-mile trip, so Candy Griffey, the club’s bridge coordinator, arranged for a bus. Read more...

Breakfast with Rose

by Peggy Kaplan

The Milky Way? Miraculous, indeed. But the stars in Rose’s Breakfast with the Stars outshine that galaxy.

Orlando 2010’s cavalcade of bridge celebrities was a hit. Debbie Hyatt assisted folks in finding their special bridge icon. As Rose greeted both guests and stars, she was feted back. Most aptly, the hostess of this excellent event is now Chairman of the Goodwill Committee. The audience gave emcee Dave Berkowitz a huge round of applause for Rose and all she does for bridge. Read more/View photos...

In The Beginning

by Peggy Kaplan

Entries completed on partner’s back. Laughing and squeals; jumps and smiles. These are the sounds of excited youth players as they prepare for their morning competition in the Rook Pairs. Read more...

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