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NABC Highlights

Louisville NABC - Spring 2011

A New Generation

by Peggy Kaplan

Hamman and Zia. Meckstroth and Rodwell. Martel and Stansby. Levin and Weinstein. For decades, names such as these have dominated NABC and international events. Unlike most physical sports, bridge competitors need not slow down as years go by. Indeed; years of experience can heighten one’s knowledge base and supremacy.

At the Louisville NABC, however, a new generation burst upon the scene. In both pair and team events, players in their twenties and thirties knocked out the elite. Competitors not long out of junior competition captured titles. Read more/View photos...

In the Beginning

by Peggy Kaplan

North American Bridge Championships are electric with excitement. Elite players from around the world duke it out, delighting kibitzers with exotic bidding sequences and dramatic plays.

Yet no matter how accomplished and no matter how many titles, no expert bursts forward from the heights. We all learn the game from the beginning. Home at the kitchen table or a school bridge club; party bridge or watching friends and family at the local dupe . . . . All of us start somewhere. Read more/View photos...

Vanderbilt Winners

The team captained by Martin Fleisher won the Vanderbilt on the closing night of the Louisville NABC. They edged past the Joe Grue team, 126-115. Congratulations to the winners and runners-up.

One Championship - Two Grand Life Masters

by Peggy Kaplan

One of Louisville’s final NABC Championships crowned winners on the last day of the tournament. Steve Shirey, Michael Polowan, Dan Morse, Jacob Morgan, Greg Hinze and David Yang captured the title of Jacoby Swiss Team victors. In doing so, two of the six added the title of Grand Life Master.

Congratulations to Steve Shirey and Jacob Morgan for becoming GLMs with their first unrestricted national win; kudos to the whole team for a great performance!

In addition to competition of all shapes and sizes, Kentucky and ACBL celebrities at the NABC!

Celebrity appearances included the Churchill Downs bugleman, a Colonel Sanders look-alike, ACBL President Craig Robinson, and the mayor of Louisville. Photos by Peggy Kaplan.

Morning Starlight in Louisville

by Peggy Kaplan

For most of us, a session with the finest bridge players in the world is fantasy. Yet, thanks to the generosity of that special luminary, Rose Meltzer, a lucky assemblage enjoys the opportunity to spend a morning with bridge elites. At Breakfast with the Stars, guests chatted away with an array of bridge celebrities as all munched on a marvelous buffet. Read more/View photos...

Let the Games Begin!

by Peggy Kaplan

For most, the Spring NABC in Louisville started with a regional event or charity game on Thursday, with the Big Kahuna NABC events premiering on Friday. Yet, for a very few select competitors, those who qualified within their ACBL districts, the fun started on Wednesday. Read more...

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