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New Orleans: Breakfast with the Stars

Bob Hamman. Alan Sontag. Eric Rodwell. Names such as these are the elite of the bridge world. Most of us seldom have contact with such stars – unless it is to have our heads handed to us for a couple of boards.

For one morning at the Summer NABC, however, world champion Rose Meltzer presents a true treat. “Breakfast with the Stars” offers bridge players an opportunity to meet and chat with luminaries, all the while enjoying a sumptuous breakfast.

"Years ago, I would watch bridge experts at tournaments," tells Rose. "I would think to myself: 'Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be able to actually have an opportunity to talk to these great players'?" Thanks to Rose’s generosity, now many have the chance to do just that.

As guests dine at the lovely morning buffet, stars join them to tell tales and answer questions. In New Orleans, participants had the pleasure of meeting the best of the best: George Jacobs, Lynn Deas, Gail Greenberg, Jeff Hand, Lisa and Dave Berkowitz, Betty Ann Kennedy, Eric Rodwell, Petra and Bob Hamman, Alan Sontag, Kerri Sanborn, Ralph Katz, Shawn Quinn, Nancy and Mike Passell, and – of course, Rose herself with partner Kyle Larsen.

Newly inducted into the Hall of Fame, Dave Berkowitz ably introduced each bridge celebrity. Raconteur George Jacobs put smiles on every face with a few inimitable “Claude” stories. At their tables, other experts explained how they were introduced to bridge, what they would bid with tough hands, and tales of triumph and woe.

In addition to delivering a delicious morning of fine breakfast fare and friends, Rose performs an additional mitzvah. Proceeds from “Breakfast with the Stars” supports ACBL Junior Bridge programs. As everyone delights in today’s stars, Rose’s efforts will help to train yet another generation of masters!

Many thanks to Rose and all her stars who make this event possible.

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