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The Devil’s Tickets

by Peggy Kaplan

Has partner ever irritated you to no end? If you’ve played bridge for longer than twenty minutes, then the answer surely is “yes.” Indeed – most of us have had moments when we wished we could shoot partner dead.

In 1929, Myrtle Bennett did just that. After a few choice words from her about husband Jack Bennett’s declarer play, Jack slapped Myrtle. Soon thereafter, Myrtle shot Jack dead.

Circa 2009, author, reporter and lecturer Gary Pomerantz weaves an exciting tale about bridge and the Bennett murder trial in the Roaring 20’s. 21st century San Diego NABC attendees were treated to a book-signing appearance by Pomerantz. After a warm introduction from CEO Jay Baum, the audience enjoyed both “The Devil’s Tickets” author and a dramatic monologue performance from the book by actor Cully Fredricksen.

If you were not fortunate enough to enjoy Pomerantz and Fredricksen Wednesday evening in San Diego, then you surely must purchase a copy of “The Devil’s Tickets.” “Deliciously detailed and splendidly written account of the emergence of bridge as America’s No #1 pastime” asserts National Public Radio. From USA Today: "Combine the favorite card game of proper intellectuals including Warren Buffett with a scandalous real-life murder and a cheating husband, and you've got an irresistible summer read."

If you’re back home from San Diego in the midst of a blizzard as some of us (ahem) are – then have a hot evening in front of the fire with “The Devil’s Tickets.”