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The Future of Bridge

By: Peggy Kaplan

Bridge stars or neophytes. Men or women. Seniors or juniors. Club players or tournament attendees.

Some argue about which subsets of bridge players matter more than others. Personally, I think that all are important. Fortunately, our bridge world is diverse and large. Irrespective of the experience level and needs of our players, everyone who loves bridge can be accommodated.

Still, we can be sure of this: the future of bridge lies in our youth. The more that young people become fascinated with our game, the greater the odds that bridge will grow and strengthen.

Washington D.C. vibrated with excitement for Youth and Junior players. From Thursday, July 30th through Saturday, August 1st, the second Youth NABC highlighted various competition, celebrity speakers and visitors, plus a variety of recognition and awards for youth players.

As kids registered for the events, they were greeted warmly by smiling volunteers. An array of trophies glittered in the background, awaiting top performances. Fun gifts such as colorful t-shirts and caps awaited the competitors.

It was my honor and pleasure to be able to chat with and photograph the many participants in our 2nd Youth NABC this past week. The enthusiasm from kids, parents, organizers and volunteers was palpable. Another big “thank you,” also to our celebrity guests, Greg Johnson and Bill Gates, who added so much to the program.

Do you love the greatest mind game ever invented? Then you, too, will appreciate everything about our Youth NABC. From smiles of fun to furrows of concentration, bridge for the next generation is thriving!