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Seeing Red

Your Roaming Reporter photographs juniors and seniors, newbies and elites, players and kibitzers. But – a bridge hand? Well. If the bridge hand is the one that Patty Tucker’s team dealt at the table – none, AKQJ10865, AKJ92, none - it’s deserving of a photograph!

Alas for poor Patty, ultimately her team was in “the red” on this hand. The accompanying hand was: AQxx, 2, 1083, Axxxx. Patty’s teammates arrived in seven hearts. With a black suit lead, their declarer pitched two small diamonds on the black aces, then hooked a diamond – and lost to Qx offside.

Their opponents only reached the six level. At that table, they won the opening lead, pulled trump and banged down the AK of diamonds. Difficult to know exactly what to do with that picture perfect hand. Books on how to bid and play your 8-5’s are few and far between!