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The Best of Bridge - By: Peggy Kaplan

Thirty one years ago, my Aunt Rosalie called me. "Peggy. Weíre having a sectional tournament in Tulsa. Why donít you fly down here? Iíll get partners and teammates for you." Rosy knew I was a budding duplicate player; I took the plunge into tournament bridge.

That trip proved the catalyst for a lifetime of thrilling competition and fascination with the greatest mind game ever invented. I tripled my masterpoint holding that weekend (the last time that ever happened to me!) and won my first event: the Swiss Teams. That our squad faced Jim Jacobyís team and actually came out the victor was magnificently fun.

Clearly, bridge is the best. Still, there is something as good as our game, if not even superior: its people. Bridge players are bright and creative, competitive and energetic, friendly and curious. They come in all shapes and sizes, all levels of ability, and from all over the world. Yet, every one shares a love of our game and a desire to compete as well as possible.

In Houston, I saw friends of many years and met people enjoying tournament bridge for the first time. I hope to see you at our next NABC in Washington, D.C!

Louis plays at least three or four sessions a week in his home town of Austin, Texas, along with a couple of regionals and at least one NABC annually. Deciding to write a book about his favorite hobby was an easy decision!

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