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Adam Kaplan and Donna Rodwell
Donna and Adam - Mini Blue Ribbon Pairs Finals
Adam Kaplan
Life Master at Ten

Lots of duplicate players learn the game in college. Others start in high school, while some come to bridge after they are married. Some aren’t able to pick up the game until their careers are well established - or even until they are retired.

Then there is Adam Kaplan.

When did Adam begin to play? At five. Oh; excuse me - five and a half!

This wunderkind from New Port Richey, FL was introduced to bridge while on a cruise with his family. "I played in a game that Ruth Ornitz of Del Ray Beach was running," Adam explains. "I think she hoped I wouldn’t come back. She just didn’t think that a little kid like me could actually play the game."

But, come back he did - with impressive results. Both Adam’s father, Todd, and grandfather are bridge players. Thus, Adam continued to learn and study the game. Adam’s education has been a combination of home schooling and community college, which "leaves more time for bridge" he explains with a smile.

"I think that bridge should be taught in schools," Adam offers. "It is such a great game. The possibilities are unlimited, and the game is always interesting."

After chatting with this young man for a few minutes, one soon appreciates that his ability and intelligence are exceptionally high. And, let it be known that history proves it: a little over two years ago, Adam set a record. He became the youngest Life Master at age 10 years, 43 days. This New York Times article details a hand that many with four times his age and experience would not be capable of executing successfully. Adam brought it home.

Here in Boston, Adam teamed up with Rodwell for the Blue Ribbon Pairs. No - not that Rodwell: Donna Rodwell, wife of the Meckwell megastar. Adam met Donna a year ago last spring in the North American Pairs, and the two formed a partnership. Although they did not have quite the success that Eric did in the Blue Ribbon, Adam and Donna did make it to the second day of the Mini-Blue Ribbon.

Adam often enjoys online games with his dad, and of course, is looking forward to future tournaments and NABCs. Will we be reading more about this young man in the future? Bet on it!