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Don & Lori McCormick
Bridge Tournament Success – Not Just for the Experts

In preparation for Boston, my team of local experts signed up for the Sunday Winter Holiday Swiss. After a close win our first round, we met some folks I didn’t recognize. Director Tony Ames stopped by to explain. “They’re novices. They’ve never played in a tournament before. I’m not sure if they have any masterpoints.”

My partner and I welcomed the newcomers to our table. Indeed; they were not sure how a Swiss Team really functioned. We cordially explained: we make the boards at our table and play them. Afterwards, they are passed to the other table for play. Try to get plus scores!

We settled in for the kill.

Well. It wasn’t exactly a kill. The margin was only 6 IMPS.

We, however, were not the winners. Yes, the team with over 5,000 average masterpoints per player was not only unable to kill; we weren’t even able to win!

We were in five diamonds, down one? They were in two diamonds, making.

We were in five hearts, down one? They were in two hearts, making four. (And yes, thank you very much; we are aware that the four level is sufficient to make game in a major.)

Here at the Boston Fall NABC, you will see players of all stripes. We range from the crème de la crème from all over the world, with names any bridge player would recognize – to people who are attending their first national tournament ever. And although it may be intimidating to face the experts’ experts, let the experience of Marlys and Shelly Husebo and Don and Lori McCormick be your guide. The odds may be long, but the experts can be had.

Get more plus scores, and success can be yours!