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Jason Miller and Amanda Harper
A Towering Presence

What do you do if you’re waiting for the 10AM game to begin? If you are Jason Miller, 10, of Tampa and Amanda Harper, 9, of Winter Park, you build an enormous tower of pencils! The tower became so tall, Amanda had to stand on a chair to place her final pencils at the top.

When these two kids aren’t in the construction business, they love playing their favorite game. Jason has been playing bridge but a year and Amanda just a couple of months. The percentages they achieve do not reach the heights of their pencil tower, yet their spirits reach to the sky! Amanda’s mother, Alice, tells me that most people were quite nice to the kids, and that the pair is eagerly looking forward to their next NABC in Washington, DC. Almost every day in Boston, Jason and Amanda competed as a partnership.

The kids traveled to Boston because of their big brothers. Ryan Miller, 14, and Brandon Harper, 13, are “old-timers” with five years of bridge competition and 80 masterpoints on their resumes!

Ryan and Brandon attended the first ever Youth NABC last summer. At the Atlanta NABC, Brandon competed with Tom Walsh of Canada, coming in second in the Swiss Teams and sixth in the Pairs. In Boston, Ryan and Brandon would have played around the clock if they’d had their druthers. As it was, they never missed a midnight knockout. At home, Brandon and Ryan play online, and whenever they are able during school breaks and summer.

Sandra Rosenblum, Alice’s mother and grandmother to all the kids, has been an inspiration. “Grandma is the best! She has taught most of her grandchildren to play bridge and love the game” Alice crows.

So wonderful that this “tower of inspiration” could be at the Boston NABC with her daughter and grandchildren! I am expecting big accomplishments from these four up and coming players!