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Marketing Tips & Tricks

Attracting New Members

TIP ľ Submitted by Nan Massie, Jefferson Bridge Association, Charlottesville, VA

The Jefferson Bridge Association in Charlottesville, VA, always gives first time players a "free-play." The club manager then follows up by sending a card to the new player afterwards thanking them for coming to the game and inviting them back.

TIP ľ Submitted by Ray Andersen, Evansville Duplicate Bridge Club, Evansville, IN

Beginning the first Wednesday in September we scheduled "Lunch & Learn" lessons at Noon, just prior to a 1:00P p.m. 299'er game. We started the lessons with "Opening Bids" to be followed by "Responses to Opening Bids," "Opener's Rebids," etc with a schedule running up to the Christmas Holidays. We promoted these lessons with a news release, word of mouth, flyers, etc. As a result, we have attracted seven social bridge players who are now playing duplicate at our club. In addition, the promotion resulted in being able to refer five other persons, who wanted to learn how to play bridge, to a class on Beginning Bridge Lessons starting in September. To our surprise and to their delight, one pair of newbies finished second in "B" and first in "C" the second time they played! A couple of more lessons and we will promote the benefits of membership in the ACBL and I'm sure we'll see some new members!