TV Ads for Clubs and Teachers

ACBL has developed TV advertisements targeting the Baby Boomers audience and are making them available to club managers and/or bridge teachers. The TV ads can be personalized to include a “tag” with your club or class contact information at the end of the TV ad. Currently, there are two TV ads available – a 15 second ad and a 30 second ad. We’ve even partnered with a media buyer who, at no cost to you, will:

  • Handle the insertion of your personalized “tag;”
  • Find the best TV station in your area to air your personalized TV ad;
  • Negotiate the best price for placing your personalized TV ad on the air.

Additionally, a portion of the money you spend to place these TV ads on a TV station will qualify for reimbursement through the ACBL Cooperative Advertising Program.** (Restrictions apply. Click here for Cooperative Advertising Program qualification details.)

How does it work?

Simply select the TV ad you want to use (15 second or 30 second), complete the “Request for Use of TV Ad and Media Buy” form and click “submit.” A representative from Burgess Media will contact you within 48 hours to assist you with the placement and purchase of your TV advertisement. Please note that there is no charge to you for the services of Burgess Media – your only cost will be the cost to place the TV ad for airing on the TV station.

Note : The purchase of the media buy for the requested TV ad will be handled by Burgess Media. Any questions regarding the media buy should be sent to or call 901-272-7278. Burgess Media will contact you before any media purchase is final.