Radio Ads for Clubs and Teachers

ACBL has developed radio advertisements and are making them available to club managers and/or bridge teachers. The radio ads can be personalized to include a five second “tag” with your club or class contact information at the end of the radio ad. Currently, there are two radio ads available – one targeting the “recently retired” and another one targeting the “empty nesters.” We’ve even partnered with a media buyer who, at no cost to you, will:

  • Handle the recording of your personalized “tag;”
  • Find the best radio station in your area to air your personalized radio ad;
  • Negotiate the best price for placing your personalized radio ad on the air.

Additionally, a portion of the money you spend to place these radio ads on a radio station will qualify for reimbursement through the ACBL Cooperative Advertising Program.** (Restrictions apply. Click here for Cooperative Advertising Program qualification details.)

Click on below buttons to listen to the Radio Ads