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Chicago Scoring

There are several versions of this game, also known in the official rules as Four-Deal Bridge. As this name suggests, it is a game for four players which is complete in four deals, making it a fun game for social play.

The vulnerability varies from hand to hand in a fixed pattern as follows:

  • Hand 1: Dealer North; neither side vulnerable
  • Hand 2: Dealer East; North-South vulnerable
  • Hand 3: Dealer South; East-West vulnerable
  • Hand 4: Dealer West; both sides vulnerable

Each hand is scored duplicate style (2 making 3 is 140, 4H vulnerable is 620, etc.). There is no accumulation of part scores or games from deal to deal. A multiple of four hands can be played, repeating the sequence of vulnerabilities as often as necessary. The result is simply the total score over the deals played.

For an alternative scoring method for four-deal bridge, please go to the Laws of Contract Bridge, pages 58-61