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                                                            Brian Gunnell



♠ KT6



♣ T876542



            Both Vulnerable

            South   West     North    East


            Dbl       Pass     2♣        Pass

            4         Pass    Pass    Pass


3NT is cold, but our South was in 4.  That would have succeeded against some E-W pairs, but good defense will prevail.  Watch how West wakes up her partner and persuades him to make the right play in Diamonds.

♠ 853



♣ J3



West            East



♠ AQJ42



♣ K9


♠ 97



♣ AQ



West leads a Spade, low from Dummy, won by Eastís Jack.  East looks at Dummy and realizes that itís useless for Declarerís purposes.  Well, almost!  There is that doubleton Diamond, a potential ruffing value if Declarer happens to have AKx.  So, East promptly shifts to a trump, snuffing out that threat.


Declarer still has four potential losers, with no way of reaching Dummy for the Club finesse.  He may decide that the best chance now is to play for East to have Qxx in Diamonds.  So he draws trumps, and plays AK and a low Diamond, hoping to throw in East.  If the plan works then East will be forced to give Declarer his 10th trick in one of the black suits.  But our E-W are made of sterner stuff and you can be sure that East will jettison his Q under the Ace or the King, allowing West to win the third Diamond trick.  Just in case East is having a nap, is there any way for West to wake him up and encourage him to dump that Q?