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                                             Brian Gunnell




♠ 75



♣ AJT62



            Both Vulnerable

            South   West     North    East

            1♠         Pass    2♣         Pass

            2♠         Pass    4♠         Pass

            Pass     Pass


♠ K3



♣ 853



West            East




We can tell you ahead of time that 4♠ is an iron-clad contract, and the play is simply a battle for overtricks.  Not a big deal if you are playing rubber bridge, but in the world of duplicate bridge, overtricks are important.  You are West, you will be required to do something brilliant!


When the deal was played, all the West players led the K (nothing brilliant there), won by Dummyís Ace, after which it was a routine matter for Declarer to lose the Spade finesse.  West cashed a Heart, and Declarer won the Diamond shift in her hand.  Trumps were drawn and, as Declarer had Kx in Clubs, it was easy enough to set up the Clubs and rack up 11 tricks.


Will you, as West, submit to that fate?  Or will you do something bold, brilliant and a little bit scary?