2018 Spring Tournament 2

Congratulations to the winning teams!

  1. Carleton College – Carleton Penguins
  2. Harvey Mudd College – 5C Bridge Club
  3. GA Tech – GA Tech Gold*
  4. University of Minnesota – Gopher The Squeeze
  5. Northwestern University – Wildcats
  6. *Because GA Tech won a travel package in March, they were not eligible for another, therefore Northwestern was awarded the package.
    We still have two Team Travel Packages to award! These packages (valued at $6000) will be awarded for participation in Daily CBO games and friendly matches between schools. Find out more on our website, and make sure you register your team if you haven’t already. Schools who have already won a travel package cannot win another, but their teams can still play in the tournament for Masterpoints (and the joy of playing).

    2018 Spring Tournament 1

    Congratulations to the winning teams!

    1. Georgia Tech – “Gold”
    2. UC Berkeley – “Cal”
    3. Princeton University – “Princeton”
    4. Columbia University – “Columbia”

    Each winning team will receive a travel package worth up to $6,000 to go to the Bridge Bowl in Atlanta.

    Two more colleges can still win free trips to the 2018 Bridge Bowl in Atlanta!*

    ACBL and the ACBL Educational Foundation will provide travel packages to a total of 10 colleges (maximum of one award per college). A team can have four to six members (four to six players, or four to five players and a non-playing coach if the team has one). Each travel package will support a team to travel to and compete in the Collegiate Bridge Bowl in Atlanta (August 2-4):
    *Remaining packages are based on the Game activity section below

    • Airfare up to $500 per person
    • Four nights of hotel room (double occupancy)
    • Per-diem of $50 per person

    Each college has the opportunity to win one travel package. There are two ways your team can win:

    1. Place in our next Spring Online Team Tournaments.
      • Four team packages will be awarded at the next Spring tournament on Sunday, April 8, 2018. First session for each tournament begins at 9 a.m. Pacific/Noon Eastern (11 a.m. Central), and the second session will begin at 1:30 p.m. Pacific/4:30 p.m. Eastern (3:30 p.m. Central).
      • Teams competing in the April 8 Spring tournament must register by April 4, 2018.
      • Each team must provide a proctor to audit play. The proctor cannot be a player, but may be a non-playing team coach or other adult. A Proctor must sign and submit a Proctor Agreement before a team is considered registered. If players cannot be in the same location, each player must provide his/her own proctor.
      • After the tournament, the proctor must complete the proctor agreement and give it to the captain of the team monitored. The team captain will return it to college@acbl.org. Click here for the proctor agreement.
      • Format will be a two-session online event, awarding Masterpoints to the top teams. For more details check the event’s Conditions of Contest
      • If one team at a college is awarded a travel package, other teams from the same college are allowed to participate in all collegiate events but cannot win a second travel package.
    2. Game activity.
      • On May 4, we will award two travel packages to two colleges registered with the College Bridge Online (CBO) Club
      • Colleges wanting to be included must submit a roster for each team of four to six players. Only students registered as part of a team will be counted in the participation events.
      • Teams must have at least four players able to attend the Collegiate Bridge Bowl in Atlanta.
      • Teams will accumulate points by having players participate in CBO daily tournaments and friendly matches, between March 1 and April 30:
        1. CBO Daily Tournament (“Just Declare” tournaments are not eligible for entries): 1 point per player per day
        2. Friendly inter-college team matches: 12 points per team, per match
          1. Friendly matches must be played in BBO, with 18 boards per match. Matches can be divided into six- or nine-board sessions.
          2. Friendly matches can only be against teams from other colleges
          3. Two teams can only play each other twice
        3. Teams will be ranked by highest average point count (total points divided by number of players on team) as of April 30 (Midnight, Pacific Time)
        4. On May 4, the top two eligible teams (whose college has not yet won a travel package) will be awarded travel packages, sponsored by the ACBL Educational Foundation.
        5. In case of a tie in average point count, the following tie breakers apply:
          1. Number of friendly matches played by team
          2. Number of colleges played against in friendly matches
          3. Number of Spring Online Team Tournaments played
          4. Coin flip.

    Other Rules

    • Maximum of one travel package awarded to each college. Therefore, as soon as one team wins a package, other teams from same college are not eligible for a travel award.
    • All teams participating in the Spring Online Tournaments and “game activity” events must submit a signed Agreement of Fair and Sportsmanlike Participation for each player. If your team is only playing in the April Spring Online Tournament, the deadline is April 4, 2018
    • Proctors must sign and submit a Proctor Agreement before a team is considered registered.
    • Any team who does not win a travel package can still participate in the College Bowl Championship. There will be no entry fees for the Championship events. Deadline to registration opens May 4 and closes July 1. acbl.org/bridgebowl

    Collegiate Initiative

    The ACBL Educational Foundation has launched an initiative to increase participation in college bridge. They are looking for coaches and offering perks such as stipends, free materials and enrollment bonuses.
    For more information click here.

    Join our new online college bridge club and play against your peers. Click here to join.

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