These special events in clubs offer additional masterpoints and, in some cases, hand records and analyses. Call your club to learn if these events are scheduled in your area or go to Participating Clubs.

For more information about these events and masterpoint awards, click here.

To print the 2016 Special Events Schedule, click here.

Date(s) Event
All of January Junior Fund Games
February 6 Saturday (afternoon) ACBL-wide International Fund Game #1
March 7 Monday (afternoon) ACBL-wide Senior Game
All of April Charity Club Championship Games
April 14 Thursday (morning) ACBL-wide Charity Game
April 21 Thursday Helen Shields Rookie-Master Game (Canada)
All of May Grass Roots FUNd Game
June 1-August 31 North American Pairs Flight A, B, and C
June 3 Friday (evening) Worldwide Bridge Contest
June 4 Saturday (afternoon) Worldwide Bridge Contest
June 14 Tuesday (afternoon) Canada-wide Olympiad Fund Game
June 20 Monday (all day) The Longest Day (Alzheimer’s Association)
July 14 Thursday (afternoon) ACBL-wide International Fund Game #2
All of September Club International Fund Games
October 3 Monday (evening) Canada-wide Olympiad Fund Game
October 14 Friday (afternoon) ACBL-wide Instant Matchpoint Game
October only Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Games
October 18 Tuesday (evening) Erin Berry Rookie-Master Game (Canada)
November 22 Tuesday (evening) ACBL-wide Charity Game
December 21 Wednesday (evening) ACBL-wide International Fund Game #3