2016 Schedule

Day Date Time
Tuesday January 12 Morning
Thursday January 28 Afternoon
Monday February 8 Evening
Wednesday February 24 Morning
Tuesday March 8 Afternoon
Thursday March 24 Evening
Monday April 11 Morning
Wednesday April 27 Afternoon
Tuesday May 10 Evening
Thursday May 26 Morning
Monday June 6 Afternoon
Wednesday June 22 Evening
Tuesday July 5 Morning
Wednesday July 20 Morning
Monday August 1 Evening
Thursday August 18 Afternoon
Tuesday September 6 Afternoon
Thursday September 22 Evening
Monday October 10 Morning
Wednesday October 26 Afternoon
Tuesday November 8 Evening
Thursday November 17 Morning
Monday December 12 Afternoon
Wednesday December 28 Evening

Club Managers

In order to participate you must sign up in advance and use the current version of ACBLscore. For more information you may email iccg@acbl.org.