Courses Offered

ACBL Club and Cruise Directors Course:This comprehensive course prepares candidates for directing club and bridge cruise games. Anyone interested in becoming a club director or a director aboard a cruise ship is invited to participate. Study materials may be purchased through Baron Barclay Bridge Supply.

ACBL Club Director Refresher:This continuing education course for club directors covers a variety of rulings, delving into the more difficult situations that can arise at the table. Additional topics include better delivery of rulings and improved customer service.

Club Director Course Schedule

Start End Time City/State Location Type Contact Fee
3/13/18 3/14/18 9am-noon, both days Philadelphia PA Philadelphia NABC Club Director Refresher Course
$15 (sign up at door)
4/13/18 4/15/18 TBA Gatlinburg TN Gatlinburg Regional Club and Cruise Director Course Priscilla Smith
4/16/18 9am-noon Gatlinburg TN Gatlinburg Convention Center Meeting Room 5 September 2017 Rules Update Class Pete Misslin
$50 for non-District 7 players; $25 for District 7 players
5/18/18 5/20/18 TBA Mississauga ON MObridge Club and Cruise Director Course Martin Hunter
Pre-Register by May 7