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Club Managers Handbook – Almost Everything You Ever Needed to Know to Manage a Successful Bridge Club.

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Reporting Big Games

We are delighted to recognize especially good club games in the Bridge Bulletin. Send notification to Our criteria for running big gamers’ names are:

  • The players score 75% or higher in a club matchpoint game.
  • It’s an open, non-restricted club game. (For example, Intermediate/Newcomer games restricted by masterpoints or country  club games restricted by membership do not qualify. Nor do cruise games. Nor do sectional or regional games.)
  • The game consists of at least five tables with at least 20 boards in play.
  • Both players are members of the ACBL in good standing who are current on their membership dues/service fees.
  • A game recap accompanies the report — either via an email file or an online link to where the results are posted.

ACBL Handbook

Club and Sanction Applications

My Club

Club Managers can see if their month-end reports have been received, games that have been sanctioned and more on their My ACBL Club Manager Page. The site is automated exclusively for Members profiled in our database as a club manager. Go to MyACBL on our website to confirm that we have your correct email address on file. If you haven’t signed up for MyACBL, go to the link on the ACBL home page and register today. Please contact the Club and Member Services Department with any comments or suggestions about this new feature.

Welcoming First Time Visitors

Take a tip from the Kennebunk DBC, known as the friendliest club around.

The Kennebunk DBC has a regular routine for assuring that newcomers leave knowing that it’s the friendliest club in town:

  • The club manager welcomes all new players and asks them to call her if there’s any sort of problem.
  • She introduces them to the players and gives them name badges.
  • The regular players are asked to introduce themselves each round and to make the visitors feel welcome.
  • And, the club manager checks back with them at the end of the game to make certain they had a good time and to extend an invitation to come again.

Sounds like a winning formula!

Returning new players

The key to making a new player want to play often is finding a way to make them comfortable at your club. Knowledge is power – as they say. When a new player returns for a second time, try giving out a newcomer welcome package to help get them excited about your club.

Create a New Player welcome packet

Include the following information:

  • A welcome letter from the club owner or director.
  • Unit calendar of events; club calendar of events.
  • An upcoming tournament flier.
  • A free play.
  • An invitation to a welcome party (try a special bridge game and luncheon monthly or quarterly).
  • Flier on an upcoming NABC.
  • ACBL duplicate instant score.
  • Pamphlets on bidding, defense or bridge etiquette (see Baron Barclay)
  • Information on your mentor program.
  • List of players at your club (or club or unit directory).
  • A booklet on the basics of duplicate bridge (try The Exciting World of Bridge pamphlet or a copy of Adventures in Duplicate, which is a good intro to the ACBL and bridge).
  • Bios of the directors and teachers working at the club, so new people know something about the people behind the scenes.

Handbook of Club Rules and Regulations

Chapter 4: The Club Sanctioned Bridge Game
Chapter 5: Special Unit Games
Masterpoint Charts


Review helpful instructions here

Club managers can order a full database refresh by logging into MyACBL and selecting Member Roster.

To update just the masterpoint holding of the players in your ACBLscore database, please visit the Update Club Database web page for instructions.


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