Note: A previous version of ACBLscore® is not needed to install.

System Specifications

New in version 8.15

Version 8.15 Release Notes


  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows XP, Windows 7 – 32 bit, Windows 10 – 32 bit (DOS), Windows 10- 64 bit (Windows)
  • Printer: Any is acceptable. A wide-carriage printer (132 columns) dot matrix will produce recaps that may be easier to read, but a narrow dot matrix, laser or inkjet will be adequate. These printers will work with ACBLscore only in Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP.)
  • Keyboard: Should have a numeric keypad separate from the letter keys for easier numeric entry. A separate set of arrow keys is also helpful.

ACBLscore® is available for download, using the links at the top right. An operations manual is installed as part of the program disk. To order ACBLscore® on CD email or phone 662-253-3154. There is a $10 handling charge for this service.

To report bugs, or if you have installation or technical questions: email or phone 662-253-3165.

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