Ed Piken of Palos Verdes CA and Steve Cohen of Las Vegas won the four-session 0-10,000 IMP Pairs by 11.67 IMPs over runners-up Tony Barre of Marco Island FL and Dan Dalpe of Fort Myers FL. This is the second limited NABC title for Piken who won the Grand National Teams Flight A in 2012. […]

The team led by Nick Nickell, erased a small halftime deficit with a 43-17 third quarter and went on to a 154-125 win over the Paul Lewis squad in the Baze Senior Knockout Teams. Nickell played with Ralph Katz. Their teammates were Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Bob Hamman and Bart Bramley. Paul Lewis played with […]

Ed Schulte and Tom Kniest paired 64% games in the final of the Super Senior Pairs to win the contest by almost two boards. Schulte of Tampa and Kniest of the St. Louis area were in second place after Sunday’s qualifying round, but quickly moved into the lead during the final. The winners’ lead was […]

On the first Monday of every NABC, the Aileen Osofsky Goodwill Committee meets to celebrate progress in promoting friendliness at the bridge table and to recognize ACBL members who contribute to the effort. At each NABC, it is customary for director of the host district to select a member of the district to recognize for […]

The team captained by Stan Tulin, apparently third after all the scores were posted in the Mitchell Board-a-Match Teams, discovered that an opponent had entered an incorrect score on one of the boards. The new score turned a zero into a win, enough for Tulin and company to jump into first place by .14 boards. […]

The team captained by Dori Byrnes narrowly edged out two other squads to win the Marsha May Sternberg Women’s Board-a-Match Teams. Byrnes, of Morris Plains NJ, played with Beth Palmer, Chevy Chase MD, Lynn Deas, Schenectady NY, Sylvia Shi, Rockville MD, and Li Yiting, Herndon VA. It was the first NABC title for Byrnes, and […]

After years of poor attendance in the Wagar Women’s Knockout Teams and the Machlin Women’s Swiss Teams, the ACBL Board of Directors unanimously decided at last week’s meetings to remove both events from the NABC lineup. The Wagar KO will not be played at the 2017 Summer NABC. The Machlin Swiss will be played for […]

The team captained by Mike Cassel, lying third in the 0-10,000 Swiss Teams with two final sessions to play, blitzed the leading team in the second round on Sunday  and took the lead for good on their way to winning the event by 11.78 victory points. Cassel, of Roseville MN, played with Barry Purrington, Eagan […]

Marion Michielsen and Zia Mahmood, in third place to start play in the two final sessions of the Nail Life Master Open Pairs, had two solid sessions to win the event by 75.17 matchpoints on a top of 64. Second place went to Tom Hanlon, Dublin, Ireland, and Leslie Amoils, Toronto. The victory is the […]

ACBL has converted to a new software program in order to more securely create computer-generated deals. In making the announcement, Robert Hartman, the organization’s chief executive, calls Big Deal the world standard when it comes to bridge dealing programs. “Big Deal is widely used throughout Europe and in World Bridge Federation events,” says Hartman. “All the boards in play at the Fall NABC in Orlando will use the new […]