Update 11/16/15: Marv Norden has been elected as District 19 Director. Stu Goodgold has been elected as District 21’s first alternate. Congratulations to: District 7 – Bob Heller District 23 – Kevin Lane District 25 – Mark Aquino In District 19 there will be a runoff election between Jeff Ford and Marv Norden. To view […]

Halftime scores in the semifinal round of the 2015 World Bridge Teams Championships in Chennai, India: Bermuda Bowl (Open Teams) Sweden           142 USA 2             129 Poland             99 England           88.3 Venice Cup (Women’s Teams) France             114 England           68 USA 2             112.5 Netherlands     81 D’Orsi Trophy (Senior Teams) USA 1             130.5 USA 2             77 Sweden           93.7 […]

Monday, Oct. 5 The semifinal pairings for the World Bridge Teams Championships in Chennai, India, are as follows: Bermuda Bowl (Open Teams) Sweden vs. USA 2 England vs. Poland In the quarterfinal round, Sweden defeated Bulgaria 223–202.5. USA 2 (Paul Fireman–Gavin Wolpert, Vincent Demuy–John Kranyak, John Hurd–Joel Wooldridge, Shane Blanchard npc) narrowly defeated China 238–236 […]

The ACBL Board of Directors will elect a new chairman of the Aileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committee on Sunday November 22, during its meeting at the Fall NABC in Denver. The Chairman of the Committee shall have a term of three years January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2018. Candidates may submit resumes to Kelley […]

Grand Life Master Carolyn Lynch died Oct. 1 from complications related to treatment for leukemia. Lynch, 69, was a five-time NABC champion and won the gold medal for the d’Orsi Senior Trophy at the world championships in Bali, Indonesia, in 2013. Carolyn Lynch was the wife of Peter Lynch, the well known investment manager of […]

Dear ACBL Member, We are contacting you because you are a registered MyACBL user and a security matter involving some member information has recently come to our attention. Some of you may have noticed that the ability to change passwords was temporarily disrupted. This action was taken to allow us to work on implementing a […]

Recently, high-level tournament bridge has been in the global press, and the reports are disturbing. Within the span of a month, two of the world’s most successful bridge partnerships were publicly accused of cheating on a popular bridge website. A third pair preemptively stepped up, confessed to ethical violations and withdrew from the world championships. […]

Competition for the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and d’Orsi Seniors Trophy starts Sunday, September 27. The events will be played as a single complete round-robin with all teams playing each other.  At the end of the round-robin the first best ranked teams will be admitted to the knock-out stages.  Quarter-final, Semifinal and Final KO matches […]

ACBL’s Disciplinary Process Robert Hartman, CEO Growing and sustaining the game of bridge — the first and most important component of the ACBL’s mission statement — depends on the purity of the game. Cheating will not be tolerated in ACBL-sanctioned events. This includes all levels of play, from club games to NABC events. While we are by […]

The board of the ACBL Educational Foundation met during the Summer NABC in Chicago in August to select the 2015 King/Queen of Bridge. This honor recognizes a graduating high school senior for his or her playing record and overall participation in the bridge community, and this year, the Foundation was faced with some tough choices. […]