Nick Nickell’s team cruised to victory in the final of the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams, defeating Richard Schwartz’s squad 142-56. A relatively close first quarter morphed into a lopsided contest by the end of the second quarter, with Nickell sporting a 46-IMP lead. The third quarter do not improve Schwartz’s prospects, and Nickell’s lead ballooned by […]

Sylvia Shi and Pamela Granovetter won the Smith Life Master Women’ s Pairs after leading most of the way. They finished 11 matchpoints on a top of 17 ahead of Georgiana Gates and Pat Levy of Houston TX. It was the seventh NABC title for Shi and the eighth for Granovetter, their first together. “My […]

Mikael Rimstedt and Zachary Grossack, who qualified third in the opening round of the Silodor Open Pairs, posted a blistering 68.93% score in the first final session to put the contest practically out of reach for the other contestants. Their 59.35% score in the second final allowed the duo to cruise to a two and […]

The mostly Southern California team captained by Viktor Anikovich defeated the mostly Florida team led by Albert Shrive in the final of the 0–10,000 Knockout Teams, 151–121. Anikovich played with David Pelka, Alan Daniels, Igor Milman, Bob Kent and Ellen Kent. Shrive played with Jim McKeown, Donald Dalpe, Michael Ranis, Lee Bukstel and Michael Wolf. […]

With a strong performance in the qualifying round and two solid sessions in the final, Christal Nell and Igor Savchenko won the Rockwell Mixed Pairs by more than a board. Nell, of Seattle WA, and Savchenko, of Morris Plains NJ, scored 66.81% and 63.08% in Tuesday’s qualifier, and 57.04% and 59.05% in the final. In […]

The ACBL Hall of Fame will induct three this year, including Jeff Meckstroth, who was chosen by the electors. The Hall of Fame Committee also selected Zeke Jabbour and the late Peter Nagy as recipients of the Blackwood and von Zedtwitz awards, respectively. Jeff Meckstroth Meckstroth’s dazzling bridge career is being interrupted for a brief […]

Capitalizing on a strong first final session, Detroit-area players Yanping Zhang and Henry Zhang won the President’s Cup North American Pairs Flight C by a single matchpoint. The winners represent District 12. In second were John Hindle and Jeff Gosman of Winnipeg MB representing District 2. Yanping Zhang and Henry Zhang – not related – […]

District 23’s Murat Veysoglu and Kevin Lane barely qualified for the final of the Golder North American Pairs Flight B – they were 50th of 52 pairs – but they hit their stride in yesterday’s two- session event to win the contest by a third of a board. Veysoglu, of Cypress CA, and Lane, of […]

David Hampton and Bill Marshall of Tulsa OK held onto their lead in the qualifying round to win the Leventritt Silver Ribbon Pairs. They were nearly two-thirds of a board ahead of the runners-up from the Portland OR area, Don Lowry and Hal Montgomery. It is the first NABC win for both, though Marshall has […]

The title in the prestigious Kay Platinum Pairs was captured Justin Lall of Charlotte NC and Dennis Bilde of Denmark, but their participation in the six-session contest almost didn’t happen. “My flight was delayed into Kansas City, and I arrived just 15 minutes before game time,” said Bilde. The duo had agreed months ago to […]