The Anti-Cheating Commission, the ACBL’s latest weapon in its arsenal against collusive cheating, is powered up and ready for action. Serving as commissioners are Boye Brogeland, Norway; John Carruthers, Canada; Eric Laurant, Netherlands; Brad Moss, U.S.A. and Howard Weinstein, U.S.A. “I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this committee,” says ACBL chief executive Robert Hartman. […]

The squad captained by Glenn Eisenstein narrowly captured the title in the Truscott/U.S. Playing Card Senior Swiss Teams, finishing ahead of Jim Krekorian’s team by less than one Victory Point. Eisenstein, of New York City, played with Richard Reitman of Los Gatos CA. Their teammates were John Rengstorff, also of New York, and Geoffrey Brod […]

Grand National Teams Morehead Championship Flight Winners of the Grand National Teams Championship Flight from District 25: Doug Doub, Frank Merblum, Zachary Grossack and Adam Grossack Second in the GNT Championship Flight from District 21: Lew Stansby, JoAnna Stansby, David Grainger, Kit Woolsey, Debbie Rosenberg and Chip Martel   Goldman Flight A GNT Flight A […]

Online bridge giant Bridge Base Online and the ACBL have contracted to take their partnership to new heights. “BBO’s robot games will be the only robot games sanctioned to award ACBL masterpoints,” announced Robert Hartman, ACBL chief executive officer. Hartman makes it clear that OKbridge and Swan will continue to be sanctioned to award masterpoints […]

In an exciting match loaded with star power, Team Hamman broke loose in the final segment to win the Senior U.S. Bridge Championship 175-147. The winners will represent the U.S. at the 2016 World Bridge Games in Wroclaw, Poland in September. The victors are Reese Milner-Hemant Lall, Mark Lair-Bob Hamman and Zia Mahmood-Jeff Meckstroth. Petra […]

The European Bridge League and American Contract Bridge League are joining forces to tackle critical challenges facing bridge today. At meetings during the European championships underway in Budapest, Hungary, EBL President Yves Aubry and ACBL Chief Executive Robert Hartman got down to business on how the two powerhouse bridge conferences can pool resources and share […]

The Senior USBC starts Friday, June 17 and will conclude on Wednesday, June 22. The winners will represent the U.S. at the 2016 World Bridge Games in Wroclaw, Poland September 3-17. There are 14 teams entered in this year’s event. For a list of the teams entered, click here. The event will start with the […]

We wanted to share information about  some of the newest marketing initiatives we have recently rolled out. We believe these campaigns are extremely valuable in our goals of growing the game through participation and membership. Just Play Bridge On June 1, Just Play Bridge (offering BBO non-masterpoint robot games) was launched on the ACBL website. It […]

Each year, ACBL’s Hall of Fame Committee considers candidates for the Blackwood Award, given for outstanding contributions to bridge outside of expertise at the game, and the von Zedtwitz Award, which honors inactive players who have achieved prominence in the game of bridge. ACBL members in good standing are eligible to submit candidates’ names to […]

The Palmer team (Beth Palmer, Sylvia Shi, Juanita Chambers, Lynn Deas, Janice Seamon-Molson and Tobi Sokolow) defeated the top-seeded Baker team (Lynn Baker, Karen McCallum, Pam Granovetter, JoAnna Stansby, Irina Levitina and Kerri Sanborn) 301-267 in the final of the Women’s USBC. The Palmer team will represent the U.S. in the 2016 World Bridge Games, in Wroclaw, Poland, September 3-17. Coverage of this […]