With 28 deals left to play, Sweden has an 18.5 IMP edge over USA1 in the under-21 series at the World Youth Team Championships. The championship final, which is played over 84 boards, broke on Friday with Sweden leading 153.5 to 135. (Sweden earned a 4.5 IMP carryover when they beat USA1 in their head-to-head […]

North America’s sole surviving medal hope at the World Youth Team Championships — the under-21 USA1 team– is assured of at least a silver medal by virtue of their victory over France 130.5 to 110. USA1, competing for the Damiani Cup in the under-21 series, comprises Kevin Rosenberg, Oren Kriegel, Ben Kristensen, Chris Huber, Nolan […]

Four separate events are about to begin at the 15th World Youth Teams Championships in Istanbul, Turkey. Play starts Thursday and runs until August 23. The championship events are the National Junior Teams for the Ortiz-Patino Trophy, the National Youngsters Teams for the Damiani Cup, the National Girls Teams for the Gianarrigo Trophy and the […]

At a time when bridge is on the upswing, it’s not difficult to identify key players in the game’s forward progress. Many of them of them gathered at the NABC in Las Vegas to share their love of the game and devotion to promoting friendly behavior. They are members of the Aileen Osofsky Goodwill Committee, […]

Bridge clubs and tournaments across the United States and Canada raised $531,332 on The Longest Day to support Alzheimer’s research and care. The most recent total shows the donations made, but still to come is the amount raised through the games played on June 21. Of these donations, the team that raised the most was […]

The Spingold Knockout Teams trophy was given to Richard Schwartz, captain of the winning team. Schwartz and company surged ahead in the second quarter of the match and fought off a late rally by Team Monaco for a 142-115 victory. The Schwartz squad included Allan Graves, Ron Schwartz, Lotan Fisher, Espen Lindqvist and Boye Brogeland. […]

The American Contract Bridge League Board of Directors is seeking qualified applicants to represent Zone 2 (Canada, Mexico and the United States) to the World Bridge Federation. Two positions will be filled at the 2014 Fall NABC in Providence in November. The term for the open WBF positions begins Jan. 1, 2015 and ends Dec. […]

In the round of 16, Bob Hamman’s team, originally the No. 18 seed, staged a late rally to narrowly beat the No. 2 Nick Nickell squad 118-115. Halfway through the match, Hamman was down 42 IMPs. Team Grue, captained by Brad Moss, prevailed against Pan Red China, led by Ze Jun Zhuang 144-101. Down 85 […]

China Red, the Chinese women’s squad captained by Wenfei Wang, won the Wagar Women’s Knockout Teams by a narrow margin – less than 2 IMPs – when a late-night appeals decision swung a handful of critical IMPs their direction. Wang, playing with Ran Jingrong, Hongli Wang, Lu Yan, Yu Zhang and Shao Hong Wu, trailed […]

A slew of higher-ranked teams was defeated by their lower-ranked counterparts in yesterday’s Spingold action. The top-seeded defending champions from Poland, who added Reese Milner and captain Hemant Lall to this year’s lineup, were taken out by Pan China Red, the No. 32 seed led by Ze Jun Zhuang, 117-106. Marty Fleisher’s team, the No. […]