Give Extra Red Awards at Your Club

Clubs can “Upgrade” the ACBL-wide Charity Game and add the opportunity to give extra red awards to their players while helping ACBL test new scoring formats!

On February 21, the ACBL-wide Charity game can be even more exciting when you make it a Big Heart Charity Game. It’s the same game but with the chance to win up to 30 overall red masterpoints®! Up to 25% of participants will receive some red masterpoint awards.

This experimental event only costs $10 per club, and all proceeds go to the ACBL Charity Foundation. Players only pay their club entry fee.

Participation is easy. Club directors:

  1. Register their club for the ACBL-wide Charity Game (Registration is closed.)
  2. Next “upgrade” the game by registering for the Big Heart Charity Game (Registration is closed)
  3. Run the game as usual using the official ACBL-wide Charity Game hand records
  4. Enter results into ACBLscore (select ACBL-wide Charity Game) and email the ACBLscore Gamefile and the BWS file right after the game to the Director in Charge at We’ll take it from there.
Results (coming soon)

Conditions of Contest