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Update Club Database

Reminder: Club managers can order a full database refresh by logging into MyACBL and selecting Order Member Rosters via e-mail.

Update Instructions

Note: Update includes points received and posted by April 6, 2014 . Please also note that the files listed below update masterpoints only and are not suitable for creating a club database.

  1. Download the appropriate district file from the list below onto a diskette (A: in your browser’s Save dialog box).
    • There is one file for each district, numbered D01MP.LZH to D25MP.LZH and D99MP.LZH.
    • If players from more than one district are in your database, download as many district files as necessary.
  2. In ACBLscore select Data Base, then Import/Merge, then 5 Update masterpoint holdings from ACBL masterpoint file.
    • Total masterpoints for players found (by using the player number in your database) in the district file will be updated.
    • Only players in your database who have an ACBL player number will be updated.
    • No new players will be added or deleted, and no other information will be altered.

District Files

Click on a district file to download.

D00MP.LZH All Districts. Note: This file will not fit on one diskette.
D01MP.LZH E Canada
D02MP.LZH Ontario, Manitoba, Bermuda
D03MP.LZH E New York (not New York City), N New Jersey
D04MP.LZH C New York, E Pennsylvania, Delaware, S New Jersey
D05MP.LZH W New York, W Pennsylvania, NE Ohio, N West Virginia
D06MP.LZH Virginia, Maryland
D07MP.LZH Carolinas, E Tennessee, Georgia
D08MP.LZH N Indiana, Illinois (not Chicago), E Missouri
D09MP.LZH Florida
D10MP.LZH W Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas
D11MP.LZH S Ohio, S Indiana, Kentucky, S West Virginia
D12MP.LZH Michigan, NW Ohio
D13MP.LZH Wisconsin, Chicago, Upper Michigan
D14MP.LZH Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska
D15MP.LZH W Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, N Texas
D16MP.LZH Texas (not N or El Paso), Mexico
D17MP.LZH E Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, S Nevada
D18MP.LZH Saskatchewan, Alberta, Montana, Idaho, Utah, W Wyoming
D19MP.LZH Washington, British Columbia, Alaska
D20MP.LZH Oregon, N Nevada, N California, Hawaii
D21MP.LZH San Francisco area
D22MP.LZH S California (not Los Angeles)
D23MP.LZH Los Angeles
D24MP.LZH New York City
D25MP.LZH Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island
D99MP.LZH All areas outside North America