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Submit Club Report

To submit your club reports via e-mail, you’ll need ACBLscore version 6.50 or higher. Download the latest version here. You can send a report from any computer with Internet access. ACBLscore does not have to be installed on your Internet computer.

On your ACBLscore computer:

  1. Select Data Base, then ACBL reports.
  2. Select the month you wish to report.
  3. If you have more than one club, select the club you wish to report.
  4. Select 3 Both club financial and masterpoint reports for ACBL.
  5. Press Enter at “Include unreported games from previous months.” (N)
  6. If you see the message “The following scheduled games will be unreported,” press F1 to see the steps for resolving unreported games. If you wish to exit at this point to resolve unreported games, press ESC four times.
  7. Select 1 Diskette and printed cover sheet.
  8. Insert a diskette into your computer’s A drive and press Enter at “Location for ACBL report” (A:).
  9. Press Enter at “Pay by credit card.” (Y)
  10. Enter credit card information. Press F9 when done. If credit card information is incomplete, ACBL will reject your e-mailed report.
  11. Press Enter at “A list of ACBL non-members.”
  12. Press Enter at “Include unreported masterpoints from previous months.” (N)
  13. You will see a window with information about the report file name and an e-mail address where you can send the report. Press P to print. Press ESC when finished.
  14. Take the report diskette to your Internet computer.

On your Internet computer:

  1. Open your e-mail program.
  2. Click New Message, or if using AOL click Write.
  3. Address the message to:
  4. Insert the report diskette into your computer’s A drive.
  5. Click Attach or Attach File or Attachments. If using AOL click Attach.
  6. At the “File name” window type A: and press Enter.
  7. Click on the same file name as shown in step 13 above and press Enter. If using AOL click OK.
  8. Click Send.
  9. If you see a message that the subject is missing, click OK or press Enter.
  10. Remove the report diskette from your A drive.