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Volunteer of the Year

The Volunteer of the Year Award was established by District 7's Bruce Reeve, who served as ACBL President in 2004. His proposal for a national award for volunteerism was accepted by the ACBL Board of Directors. The first recipients were from his district: Marlene Wass and Judy Nolan, co-chairs of the record-setting Gatlinburg Regional.

Index by Year of Award

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2012 - Susan Kroning
2011 - Charles Gill
2010 - Carl Sharp
2009 - Bonnie Bagley and Pat Rasmus
2008 - Eric Snow and Bert Onstott
2007 - Ken Monzingo
2006 - Nancy Espy
2005 - Cindy Kirk and Roni Gitchel
2004 - Marlene Wass and Judy Nolan