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2006 Membership Survey

Thank you to the nearly 2000 members who completed the ACBL’s Membership Survey, allowing us to keep up with demographic data and attitudes. Demographic information in particular is helpful to encourage sponsorship of tournament activities. The 2006 survey was conducted by the online survey firm Zoomerang.

Congratulations to the four members chosen at random to receive $50 in Bridge Bucks for their participation: Edmund Bettinger, Plain WI; Diane Graese, Las Vegas NV; Harriet Kitay, Solon OH; and Neal Mazaroff, Oakland CA.

We particularly appreciate comments made in the open question areas and take these comments seriously. For example, many of you asked for more, more and more information for newer players. Watch for new features on the web site and in the magazine.

Education and Income

ACBL members report high levels of education and income. 76% have completed at least a four-year college degree. 41% report completing a graduate or professional degree.
59% of our members report annual household income of $50,000 or more.

Awareness and Satisfaction

Percentages of member satisfaction remain high. 95% read the Bridge Bulletin magazine, which receives a 97% satisfaction level. Tournament directors rate a close second, with a 94% satisfaction level. 84% are satisfied with the affordability of the ACBL – a 10% increase from 2003.

Pairs vs. Teams

The 2006 survey asked members whether they preferred pairs, Knock-out Teams or Swiss Teams, or had no preference. Interestingly, 45% prefer pairs. 26% have no preference, 18% prefer Knock-outs, and 11% prefer Swiss. The numbers shift more dramatically when compared to the number of masterpoints held. Only .6% of those with 0-50 masterpoints prefer Knock-outs, while 64% prefer pairs. The distribution is almost even for those with 2500-plus masterpoints — 33% for Knock-outs, 30% for pairs. This corresponds with member statistics – about 1000 new members join us each month.

There were several common threads when members were asked how to make pairs events more attractive at tournaments, particularly more IMP Pairs, now the common scoring preference for online play; more levels of stratification; and (surprise!) more masterpoints.

This section of the survey is being reviewed more thoroughly to communicate with tournament organizers and the ACBL Masterpoint Committee. 

And for those of you who commented on computer-dealt hands, it really isn’t true that we make up weird hands for pair events and then laugh at you when you try to bid them! How are hands generated?

Newer Players

Sometimes we need to be hit over the head, and the survey comments certainly do that! Again, most of our membership is the newer player — 60% have 0-300 masterpoints and only 7% have 2500 or more. Many members asked for more information for newcomers – even how to play in a tournament. We will work on more features for both the magazine and web site.

You Asked for…

We were pleased at the response to the web site and see the web as the place where we can bring you many more valuable and cost-effective services. Over the next year, you’ll see a number of improvements that reflect your comments and our research on the pages you search for and visit most often.

There were few overwhelming issues this year – which we attribute to a vast improvement in our Search function. Still, a few topics came up several times…

The ability to look up tournaments by location.
At the moment, the tournament database is not a part of the database that allows us to automate this function. We’re working on it.

The ability to save your password in MyACBL.
We intentionally did not include this feature because at the time, our members responded that they did not want to use “cookies,” which are required to save a password. We now are able to program the page so that we can learn if your computer will accept our cookie and, if not, provide other online assistance. Look for this feature soon.

The ability to contact other members.
We protect our members’ privacy as a matter of both principle and law. If you want to contact someone, you may call or message us, and we will contact that person for you. 

More online Bridge Bulletin features.
An online version of the magazine is in the ACBL strategic plan for 2007. We already have begun research to look at features we might add for the online magazine, particularly interactive contests or quizzes.

E-mail reminders to renew membership.
Done! You may sign up for this service at MyACBL.

The ability to contact the ACBL.
We obviously need to work on making the Contact ACBL more prominent on the home page (it’s toward the bottom on the left)! Visit our Departments web page. It has a full directory of topics and people.