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ACBL Hall of Fame

As in any sport, bridge has its share of heroes. Those who enter the Hall of Fame have helped make the game what it is today. Here you’ll find legendary players, tireless supporters of the game and generous spirits. The von Zedtwitz Award is given to players of the past. The Blackwood Award is given to a player who has made major contributions to bridge outside expertise at the table.

Hall of Fame History

The Hall of Fame was started by the Bridge World magazine in 1964 with founding members Ely Culbertson, Charles Goren, Harold Vanderbilt, Oswald Jacoby, Milton Work, Sidney Lenz, Waldemar von Zedtwitz, Howard Schenken and Sidney Silodor. When the magazine discontinued its work on the hall, no members were added until the ACBL re-established the program in 1995. Additional members have been added each year since then. Portraits of all members are housed in a gallery at the ACBL.

Hall of Fame Members

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