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Board of Directors

The ACBL comprises 25 regional districts, each of which elect a member to serve on the Board of Directors, which in turn hires the chief executive officer. The board is the league’s legislative body with responsibility for establishing the regulations for tournaments and play and the overall budget and administration of the league. The districts are composed of 308 units whose board members elect the national director for their district.

Current board members
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E-mail board President Phyllis Harlan

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors, composed primarily of five members from each district, reviews reports of actions taken by the Board of Directors.

Current board members
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E-mail board Chair Richard Anderson

Laws Commission

The ACBL Laws Commission, in cooperation with the laws committee of the World Bridge Federation, prepares the laws under which both duplicate and rubber bridge games are governed. The commission consists of between nine and 15 members appointed by the president of ACBL with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Current members
Meeting agendas and minutes
Remembrances of Ralph Cohen

Competition and Conventions Committee

The ACBL Competition and Conventions Committee reviews conventions, convention charts, the alert procedure, convention cards, conditions of contest and any other competitive aspect of bridge. Recommended proposals for change are forwarded to the ACBL Board of Directors for approval.

Meeting agendas and minutes

Bylaws of the ACBL

Click here for the current ACBL bylaws.
Please send any questions or comments to the ACBL CEO or to your District Board Member.

ACBL Handbook

The handbook provides members, organizers of sanctioned bridge games and elected officials responsible for the administration of bridge with details of the rules and regulations and policies and procedures of the ACBL. The handbook is updated after each meeting of the ACBL Board of Directors.

Online handbook

ACBL Codification

The Codified minutes contain the regulations of the ACBL Board of Directors currently in effect, organized by subject matter.

Online codification

Ethics and Discipline

Click here to view ACBL regulations regarding Ethics and Discipline.