New Member One Year Can$48.40 Two Years Can$91.80 Three Years Can$107.90
Regular membership One year Can$60.80 Two years Can$116.60 Three years Can$145.10
Life Member* One year Can$57.05 Two years Can$109.15 Three years Can$133.95
Household One Year Can$101.70 Two years Can$198.40 Three years Can$267.90
Educational Foundation One Year Can$2.50 Two years Can$5 Three years Can$7.50
CBF One Year Can$18 Two years Can$36 Three years Can$54

*Applies to Life Masters who joined prior to Jan. 1, 1996, who did not allow their membership to lapse

Patron One year (indiv) Can$341 One year (house) Can$465 Three years (indiv) Can$930 Three years (house) Can$1302
Junior One year Can$6.20

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