Purpose of Committee

To review conventions, convention charts, the alert procedure, the convention card, conditions of contest and any other competitive aspects of bridge play, such as timing and procedures and advise the ACBL Board of Directors and management.

Membership for 2014

Tom Carmichael (2015), Chair
Bob Hamman (2015)* Jeff Goldsmith (2016)
Jeff Meckstroth (2015)* Chris Compton (2017)
G.S. Jade Barrett (2015)*
Will ElhersĀ (2015)*
Doug Doub (2015)*

* One year term

Committee Procedures

The committee meets at each NABC to formulate proposals to go before the ACBL Board of Directors for approval. The committee also reviews issues and proposals sent to it by the ACBL Board of Directors.

In between meetings, discussions on issues are conducted by e-mail. Occasionally, a proposal or an advisory to the board may be based upon e-mail discussions. However, the committee prefers, when time permits, to meet face-to-face to develop proposals and develop a reply to an issue referred by the board.

Convention and Defense Approval

Committee Members:

  • Chip Martel
  • Jeff Meckstroth

The sub-committee is also responsible for approving experimental methods to be added to the ACBL Mid-Chart and for approving defenses to Mid-Chart methods to add to the ACBL Defense Database. Click here to go to the Defense Database page and instructions for submitting a request for approval.

Current Discussion Items

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