Year Spring Summer Fall
2015 New Orleans (Exhibits) Chicago (Exhibits) Denver
2014 Dallas Las Vegas (Exhibits) Providence (Exhibits)
2013 St. Louis (Exhibits) Atlanta (Exhibits) Phoenix (Exhibits)
2012 Memphis (Exhibits) Philadelphia (Exhibits) San Francisco (Exhibits)
2011 Louisville (Exhibits) Toronto (Exhibits) Seattle (Exhibits)
2010 Reno (Exhibits) New Orleans (Exhibits) Orlando (Exhibits)
2009 Houston (Exhibits) Washington D.C. (Exhibits) San Diego (Exhibits)
2008 Detroit (Exhibits) Las Vegas (Exhibits) Boston (Exhibits)
2007 St. Louis (Exhibits) Nashville (Exhibits) San Francisco (Exhibits)
2006 Dallas (Exhibit) Chicago (Exhibits) Hawaii (Exhibits)
2005 Pittsburgh (Exhibits) Atlanta (Exhibit) Denver (Exhibit)
2004 Reno New York (Exhibit) Orlando (Exhibits)
2003 Philadelphia Long Beach New Orleans
2002 Houston Washington Phoenix
2001 Kansas City Toronto Las Vegas
2000 Cincinnati Anaheim Birmingham

Board Journal (Agenda)

Motions to be considered by the ACBL Board of Directors at meetings held prior to each NABC.

Denver motions coming soon.

2015 Board of Directors Committees

Appeals & Charges – Georgia Heth (C), Don Mamula (VC), Sharon Fairchild, Paul Janicki, Beth Reid, Roger Smith, Rand Pinsky

Audit – Don Mamula (C), Rich DeMartino, Georgia Heth

Board Operations – Phyllis Harlan (C), Sharon Anderson (VC), Dan Morse, Rand Pinsky, Beth Reid, Craig Robinson

Bridge – Claire Jones (C), Al Levy (VC), Rich DeMartino, Bob Heller, Russ Jones, Ken Monzingo, Craig Robinson

CEO Review Committee – Sharon Fairchild (C), Glenda Calkins, Paul Janicki, Beth Reid, Leo Weniger, Jay Whipple

Clubs/Membership – Rand Pinsky(C), Dennis Carman, Paul Janicki, Roger Smith, Leo Weniger, Jay Whipple

Communications/Documentation Review – Margot Hennings (C), Bonnie Bagley, Don Mamula, Rand Pinsky, Beth Reid, Roger Smith

Conditions of Contest – Ken Monzingo (C), Russ Jones, Al Levy, Leo Weniger

Credentials – Rand Pinsky (C)(West), Glenda Calkins (East), Dennis Carman (Midwest), Margot Hennings (East), Dan Morse (Midwest), Roger Smith (West)

Election Protest – Dan Morse (C), Georgia Heth, Craig Robinson

Finance – Beth Reid (C), Craig Robinson (VC), Glenda Calkins, Dennis Carman, Bob Heller, Ken Monzingo, Dan Morse, Rand Pinsky, Jay Whipple

Governance – Georgia Heth (C), Sharon Anderson, Bonnie Bagley, Margot Hennings, Don Mamula, Dan Morse, Rand Pinsky, Roger Smith

Honorary Member – Leo Weniger (C), Sharon Anderson, Sharon Fairchild, Roger Smith

Insurance – Craig Robinson (C), Dennis Carman, Al Levy, Rich DeMartino

International – Paul Janicki (C), Al Levy, Merlin Vilhauer, (Georgia Heth, ex-officio as WBF Representative)

Juniors/Education – Glenda Calkins (C) district3director@acbl.or , Georgia Heth, Al Levy, Paul Janicki, Dan Morse, Jay Whipple

Masterpoint and Events Structure – Rich DeMartino (C), Dennis Carman, Russ Jones, Craig Robinson

Minutes – Bonnie Bagley (C), Sharon Anderson, Beth Reid

NABC Fantasy – Ken Monzingo (C), Bonnie Bagley, Glenda Calkins, Bob Heller, Leo Weniger

NABC Site Selection – Wendy Sullivan (C), Sharon Anderson, Bonnie Bagley, Glenda Calkins, Margot Hennings, Dan Morse

NABC Review – Bonnie Bagley (C), Margot Hennings, Georgia Heth, Don Mamula

Online Bridge – Al Levy (C), Dennis Carman, Margot Hennings, Claire Jones, Roger Smith

Ranking – Claire Jones (C), Bob Heller, Al Levy, Ken Monzingo, Merlin Vilhauer

Recorder System Review – Paul Janicki (C), Rich DeMartino, Sharon Fairchild, Georgia Heth

Regional Allocation – Bob Heller (C) district7director@acbl.or, Dennis Carman, Rich DeMartino, Claire Jones, Craig Robinson, Merlin Vilhauer

Special Events – Russ Jones (C), Sharon Anderson, Sharon Fairchild, Ken Monzingo, Leo Weniger

Strategic Review & Evaluation – Sharon Anderson (C), Glenda Calkins, Sharon Fairchild, Dan Morse, Beth Reid, Merlin Vilhauer

Technology Oversight and Evaluation – Jay Whipple (C), Russ Jones, Don Mamula, Merlin Vilhauer

Tournaments – Craig Robinson (C), Melin Vilhauer (VC), Dennis Carman, Rich DeMartino, Bob Heller, Claire Jones, Jay Whipple

Website Review and Evaluation – Russ Jones (C), Bonnie Bagley, Margot Hennings, Claire Jones